Brass Telescope

Brass telescopes are ideal to grace your balcony, conservatory or your terrace, and observe some fantastic astronomical wonders. These beautifully antique nautical pieces have been manufactured with all technical specifications, reflecting excellent craftsmanship and depicts the image in the eyepiece with high intensity and true colors. The brass telescope is manufactured of sectioned brass tube that accumulates lens system at precise distances.

These telescopes are fully coated with high quality optics giving erect images, excellent for both terrestrial viewing as well as for basic astronomical observations.

Key Points

  • This telescope is fabricated using heavy solid bras tubes and fittings with beautiful finish.
  • The telescope is equipped with high quality optics, same as in precision telescopes.
  • These beautiful crafted, hand-polished telescopes are fabricated in a traditional style, ideal for gifting.
  • These highly polished brass telescopes are complimented by tripods.
  • These telescopes have both functional and aesthetic value, ideal for decorative showpiece.
  • These are designed for terrestrial viewing but can also be used for casual astronomical observations.