Antique Telescope

The antique telescope is a true nautical gem, both functional and aesthetic, adding warm shine to the place where it graces. This antique telescope is fabricated in the same design of bygone era, with an adjustable knob to act upon to specific directions. The large impressive telescope with elegant wooden barrel, featuring high quality optical lens, disassembles completely for access to all inner lenses.

The primary tinted glass with a diameter of 40mm, giving a sharper and well-focused image of excellent magnification.

Key Points

  • A desirable antique telescope, lightweight in a very good working condition.
  • It features multiple magnification, generally to 10x magnification.
  • The antique telescope is equipped with high quality optics with adjustable focus.
  • It comes with adjustable brass tripod with fully brass body.
  • A logo, picture, slogans or anything can be engraved on the body customized according the wish of clients.