Wooden Ship Wheel Clock

Wooden ship wheel Clock is the decorative item that adds a maritime theme to your d├ęcor. Crafted from wood and appears in an authentic bygone era style. The deep wood grain of ship wheel is emphatic by the brass hub, with 1" hole is complete with a keyway.

This is a perfect decorating item with artistic sense, reflecting the old nautical nimbus. It is also a perfect gift, and can be hanged anywhere in a home or office.

Key Points

  • These are the reminiscent of bygone era used to steer ship, excellent to decorate the house surrounded by a subtle nautical theme.
  • The wooden material to fabricate this wheel reflects a classical look with a deliberate haphazard coloring, to create a unique blend of artistic brilliance.
  • High quality wood is been used to fabricate this ship wheels.