Antique Brass Sextant

These antique brass sextants are fully functional calibrated sextants with an aesthetic quotients. These are fabricated with solid brass with German silver scales, and are available highly polished to a beautiful finish. These antique brass sextant comes with maintenance-free antique patina. These are fully functional sextants but not for real time maritime navigation. Most of these brass sextants are packed in exquisite handmade hardwood cases, inlaid with polished brass.

Key Points

  • These are designed for starters as well as experienced navigators, come with adjustable mirrors, one eyepiece, arc shaped scale and a telescope.
  • The body of sextant is fabricated with brass, reflecting a classy piece of decorative item for office, home or anywhere.
  • Antique brass sextant comes in a wooden box inlaid with polished brass.

These sextant are used for casual navigational observation along with act as antique, showpiece and decorative items.