Nautical Sextant

Designed for beginners as well as experienced navigators, this Nautical sextant features adjustable mirrors, one eyepiece, a telescope, arc shaped scale and other structural materials. Durable brass construction, these sextants look very classy and attractive when placed in an office cabin or living room. Comes in a nice wooden case, it is an instrument used to measure the angle between any two visible objects to find the latitude and longitude of the observer. These can also be used on land with artificial horizons. Find the correct universal time, sextant also measures the angular distance between the moon and other celestial bodies. From guesswork to science, sextant is used for saving countless lives at sea. The essential instrument for travelers and sailors, the angle and time taken while using sextant can be used to calculate a position line on a nautical or aeronautical chart. Apart from navigational usage, sextants are being used as antiques, showpiece and decorative items.