These Kaleidoscopes are in the shape of a cylinder, attached with mirrors having colored objects such as glass, beads or pebbles. Offered kaleidoscopes are designed using superior grade brass, leather and other excellent quality materials to ensure flawless finish. When a viewer looks from one end, light entering from the other end, creates a colorful design, as multiple reflection is the principle behind it. The word “kaleidoscope" is derived from the Greek words kalos "beautiful, beauty", eidos "that which is seen: form, shape"and skopeō "to look to, to examine". These work on the following technique, various mirrors are placed at an angle usually 600 to form an equilateral triangle. As these are placed at 600 angle, seven duplicate images of the objects are created, 2 at 90° and 5 at 60°. A beautiful symmetrical designed is created by the reflections. These are used a toy by children, owing to its amazing features and have smooth edges. Further, these have compact design and are easy to carry. Children love this toy, as mesmerizing collision of light and colors result in a mind-boggling and shifting imagery. We are offering Barrel Kaleidoscope, Solid Brass Kaleidoscope and Leather Brass Kaleidoscope under this category, which can be obtained in various colors, sizes and at pocket friendly prices.