Compass & Pocket Watch

Pocket watch and compass are both great collectibles, as great additions to a nautical collection, these are now quite in demand. The modern sensibility about watches have been changing, picking good quality pocket watch for both functional and aesthetic purpose. Old compasses and pocket watches are also interest of collectors, earlier collectors totally focused on them exclusive but the demand of newly designed items on the rise. The stunning models of compass and pocket watches, reflecting the bygone era, beautifully crafted with brass, aluminum, and glass.

Features of Compasses

  • These compasses were originally fabricated for lifeboats, but the usability is to be carried to hunting, camping, and hiking.
  • These compasses are perfect as a showpiece on the office desk, or home study.
  • It is also a great gift for teenagers who just start their life's adventures.

Features of Pocket Watches

  • These watches are designed in line with traditional pocket watches.
  • These are fabricate with the refined copper, also available in brass.
  • These pocket watches are best as a collectibles, and excellent gifts