Nautical Collection

Presenting a Nautical collection that includes items related to sailors, ships and navigation. These products are designed based on nautical theme. Each product in the collection reminds of an era that had a classic beauty and elegance in everything. All these items were used back then for identifying the direction, indicating the time aboard a ship, determining the angle and altitude, indicating the time from the position of the sun, changing the ship's course, looking at the ships during the day, controlling the navigation of ship from bridge and engine room, getting the enhanced view of the map, and more. The functionality, utility and magnificent appeal in the interiors make each product in this nautical collection a great gifting option. These home d├ęcor nautical items include everything, from desktop world globe, brass compass, binocular, telescope, antique wall clock to ship wheel, bells and lamps. Every product in the offering is available in exclusive designs, shapes and sizes.