Medieval Armour Parts

An excellent way for protecting chest, these Medieval Armor Costume come with leather straps for ensuring perfect fitting. Subtle yet stylish, these breastplates are a perfect choice for personal protection, as well as an equally great way to show off some king like and noble style, even as armor on the battleground. Designed with excellence, these breastplates have a little touch of carvings or engraving across the chest for enhancing its overall look and design. It's a great piece for costuming, LARP, stage production and much more. These are designed using high quality polished steel, the offered breastplates exhibit features such as excellent finish and corrosion resistance. These are all designed for wearing alone or can be paired with a back plate to provide more protection to your body. Moreover, these breastplates exhibit a royal and king like the look and thus, forms an integral part antique displayed in museums, trade fairs or exhibitions.