For the comfort of horse riders, saddles were introduced back in 4000 BC. The design of saddles improved during medieval period, as knights needed more supported and stable seated saddles in warfare. It was padded with horse hair or wool and covered with fabric. Inspired from middle age saddles, this reformed range of medieval horse saddles comprise tree, seat, pommel, cantle, stirrup, flap, stirrup, stirrup leather, stirrup leather keeper, girth, d-ring, panels, lining, padding and knee rolls. Fasten saddlery black, saddlery brown, western saddlery brown or western saddle suede on your horse's back, and ride with pride. These horse saddles are developed in design of the medieval era and attracts attention of many. Many horse owners go for these saddles, because of its history, good quality leather, fine finish, stitching and right fittings. These saddles are designed with utmost care and attention to detail that these last for many years.

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