Undoubtedly comfort and safety are the primal necessities when to choose the WesternSaddle Pads. These should be of firm, good and quality textile, and much significantly also molded to fit the horses' back, especially in the wither orbit. These pads should also be adequately long so that the they don't end underneath the saddle as these will reason in pressure factors.

The greatest benefit is the wicker impact of the compressed wool. Textile of the products have the quality to draw sweat from the horse as well as to transfer the heat and disperse it in the felt. The collection also has round skirt variety, which is often utilized on horses with short backs. Boosting the joy and excitement of every adventurous or amusing ride, our collection also excels the extent of visual aspects by offering variety of colors. Unified with mesh materials the foam sections are clothed so as to provide good air flow that helps to cool the horse. WesternSaddle Pads are offered in red, red-gray, red-black, black-Grey, Navy-red and various other color combos.

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