Saddle Pads

A saddle is one important accessory that a horse owner buys before riding. The saddle must perfectly fit, both horse and rider. Adding a saddle pad under the saddle will allow you to cushion the saddle as well as protect your horse's back. Also called saddle blanket or saddle cloth, this accessory is developed in material, like fleece, felt, neoprene, closed cell foam,open cell foam and gel inserts; and shapes, like contour, straight, round, cutout, orthosport, swayback and built up. Artizanstore Private Limited provides an access to a variety of saddle pads in different material, lengths, designs and colors. Each of these saddle pads provide comfort, cushioning, absorbs horse's sweat, maintain stability, absorbs shock, resist water, and resist impact. Choose any of these saddle pads based on your material, design and color preference.