Artizanstore Private Limited brings forth a high fashion horse line of halters, whose design is inspired from medieval period. Horse tack is incomplete without a halter. The main components of a halter are noseband, tie ring, cheekpieces, connecting strap, throatlatch, snap, buckle and crownpiece. These easy to fit halters are made from nylon webbing and cross-stitched to provide that extra strength and durability. Here, you will find a variety of color options, from black, green, navy, red to blue. Besides their favorite color, the buyers can select the halter based on its size, strap and plate. The strap can be either standard or leather breakaway, while the plates can be black, brass, cobalt blue, gold, silver or red. The best way to select the right size halter is to know the measurements, like crown, cheek, nose, chin strap and jaw strap. All these halters are available with adjustable throat snap and chin. Priced reasonably, these medieval age inspired halters are worth buying.

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