Medieval Helmets

As a symbol of pride and honor, these medieval helmets are the sign of the successful and the brave warriors of the medieval ages. In the ancient time, these helmets were used to protect the head and face of soldiers at the time of war from getting damaged or injured. These helmets are made from high quality steel, making it a perfect choice to wear for authentic looking medieval warrior style. The interior of these helmet features a liner both for making small adjustments to size and for comfort. Moreover, these helmets have air holes that enable the soldiers to breathe properly. For ensuring a safer field of vision, these helmets have built in eye slits. Polished by using high quality varnish or lacquer, these helmets exhibit excellent corrosion resistant properties and flawless finish. Apart from this, the offered helmets have a touch of royalty and prestige and thus, add to the list of antique items displayed in museums or exhibitions.