Diamonds, jewels and different other precious collectibles are of utmost value to everyone, so the box comprising them must not look worn at any cost. With our offering of Handicraft Boxes you are going to have artifacts, which have very practical usages of keeping the ornament safe from dirt, dust and shock. In the modern days of fast and hurried traveling, there is an indispensable need of handy outlets that can keep the gems, ornaments and other precious things neatly in place. The wooden jewelry containers with some elegant marquetry arrangements will do wonders to this function. The color and designing of these products complement the trinkets these incorporate. Marquetry is a particular skill by which craftsmen make wonders on simple wooden boxes and devise them like treasure boxes. These can be used as showpieces, boxing the jewelery, to stock useful belongings etc. We are providing a wide grouping of handcrafted containers in assorted features and arrangements as of with panels, floral design, animal designs, partition, rounded, embossed box etc. Made of brass, copper, wood etc these handicraft Boxes may have the flip lids too.