Free Shipping

We have a wide range of our products and some of them we planned for free shipping worldwide on all the seasonal and festival offers.

Q. What is our Shipping Policy?

A. All packages whether small or big will reach your doorstep in a safe and secure way. Our USP is delivery on time, excellent customer service and track of each delivery. will ensure that you have brilliant shopping experience with us.

Q. How long will my order take to arrive?

A. The usual delivery time is within 4 business days. Moreover, an estimated delivery time is displayed on the order summary page for your convenience when you order something from us. An email will also be sent to you regarding your order number and estimated delivery time. If delivery time takes more than the prescribed time period, it is because of reasons such as political disruptions, flight delays, bad weather and other unexpected circumstances. For furniture and bigger items delivery time depends on shipping by Sea/ boat which varies country to country.

Q. Are there any shipping charges?

A. Shipping charges are shown with the products description if any.

Q. Why is the delivery time different for different products?

A. Some products are directly delivered from our partnered locations. Those products take 3-8 days maximum to reach to the customer's doorstep. Some products are bulky and require surface logistic partner, those products take a bit more time to deliver. Also, there are certain locations in India where delivery will take more time than cities and metropolis. For International Shipping customer can contact for delivery time and shipping before their purchase.

Q. Can I expect delivery on all days of the week?

A. We have a policy to deliver order on all business days. Business days means all working days from Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays.