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From India to all over the World. From town to country, home to office, bungalow to beach house, fashion to decoration, antique to modern. ArtizanStore introduces interior Design Services, Collectibles, Vintage and Historical Reproduction with our experienced team to help you to re-imagine your dream room or an entire home. .

About Us

ArtizanStore is a widely popular e-commerce store that caters to varied products ranging from Home D├ęcor to Interior, Antique to Modern, Nautical Gifts, Medieval Items, Collectibles, Vintage Items and Handicrafts. The store has it all; it is one stop shop for all items. It is a leading online marketplace that offers, delivers and connects people all over the world to unique Indian Handicrafts and other items direct from the home of Indian Artisan. ArtizanStore has received many accolades and has earned great respect in national and international market for its products and for successful online selling. Their value proposition revolves around customer satisfaction, comfort and ease of purchasing products online.

It has a rich history of last 60 years with its parent company for wholesale suppliers of Brass Nautical Items, Medieval Products, Indian Textiles and other related products, who dedicatedly cater to varied customers with its position as an EXPORT HOUSE and, at the same time, successfully complete big contracts with more than 20 International brands from USA, UK, UAE, CHINA, AUSTRALIA and FRANCE.

With regard to overseas market, the ArtizanStore has a seamless logistic department with expansive warehouse strategically located in USA, making it easier to deliver products on-time. It supplies extensive array of products to its customers with ease through its quick service.

ArtizanStore offers comprehensive product catalogue and assures authenticity of vintage and antique products. It has dedicated customer service team to answer your queries 24x7.

ArtizanStore Manifesto

ArtizanStore is passionate about spreading Indian artisan excellence globally.At the core of this passion lies:

  • Integrated, smart and scalable logistics of every size.
  • Every order is handled with personal care.
  • Superb customer service with prompt replies to customer queries.
  • Honest and transparent business deals.

Our Vision

ArtizanStore strongly believes that Indian handicrafts is deeply rooted across the country. Therefore, the store has firmly footed itself in Indian handcrafts and nautical industry, and its vision is to promote Indian artisan craftsmanship all over the world. ArtizanStore has adopted suitable business modus-operandi to expand and excel in various parts of the world with a desire to achieve exponential growth in next five years.

FBA (Fulfillment by

How ArtizanStore can help vendors?

  • We store your products at our own warehouse without any additional cost. The sales channel will be ArtizanStore for all your FBA inventory.
  • We will support your existing orders and shipping operations by enlarging our network of strategically located warehouses in India and Overseas.
  • Our warehouses are strategically located in INDIA, U.K. & UNITED STATES; helping to reach domestic and international customers quickly.
  • Also, we will promote your sales in International marketplace as well.
  • We will ensure that customer's real time order capture system works smoothly through automating order submission, shipping rates and inventory status.
  • We offer fast and flexible shipping for the entire inventory in FBA.
  • As B2C market is exponentially evolving; our wide services can support exciting new sales channels.
  • Our seamless automatic system provides best carrier, service and packaging of products.
  • Venders can ship their orders direct from FBA to their own customer.
  • ArtizanStore will transfer all the funds to vendors account every 15 days circle. All the accounts will be clear and transparent to the vender.